Expert Hedge Maintenance Services

Hedges are an essential part of any garden or landscape. They provide privacy, noise reduction, and aesthetic appeal. However, they require regular hedge maintenance to keep them looking healthy and beautiful. Our hedge maintenance service is tailored to meet your specific needs, whether you need a one-off hedge trimming or a regular hedge maintenance program.

At JN Gardening Limited, we use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your hedges are expertly trimmed and maintained. Our team of gardeners are trained and experienced in all aspects of hedge maintenance, from shaping and pruning to removing deadwood and maintaining the health of your hedges.

Hedge Maintenance & Cutting

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Choosing our hedge maintenance service comes with several benefits, including:

Hedge Maintenance Expertise

Our team of gardeners are well-trained and experienced in hedge maintenance and hedge cutting. They have the expertise to identify the right time to trim your hedges and how to shape them to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Time-saving Hedge Maintenance

Our hedge maintenance and hedge cutting service saves you time as we take care of the entire process, from identifying the hedges to trim to cleaning up after the job is done.

Cost-effective Hedge Maintenance

Our hedge maintenance and hedge cutting service is affordable and cost-effective. We provide you with a competitive quote that covers all aspects of the service, including equipment, labour, and waste disposal.

Professional Service
Professional Hedge Maintenance Service

JN Gardening Limited is a trusted gardening company, committed to delivering top-quality services. Our dedication to excellence encompasses hedge maintenance, ensuring outstanding results that consistently exceed client expectations.

Why choose a Commercial Gardener for Hedge Maintenance? 

Hedges play a significant role in gardens and green spaces from marking boundaries, creating privacy, and being visually appealing. In commercial settings especially, they play a vital role, but despite this, hedge maintance can often be neglected resulting in overgrown and sprawling hedge. Alternatively, the approach of "Let's give it a go " with hedge maintenance and cutting is then adopted, leading to some unsightly results or even severe damage to the hedge. Here are some more reasons why hiring a commercial gardener for your hedge maintenance is a wise choice! 

Knowledge of Hedge Maintenance

Our team has significant knowledge about the difference between hedges, and will adjust our hedge maintenance plan accordingly. Would you know the difference between an evergreen hedge and a deciduous one? Would you know how to improve a hedge that has gaps, or what level of pruning will benefit (rather than harm) your hedge? We do! Let our team care for your hedge so you can focus on what matters most for your day to day business.


While most people are happy or even gleeful to try their hand at pruning a hedge, this can change quickly. An overly ambitious swipe with a hedge trimmer can leave a stark and bare reminder on your hedge for months, and even a conversation topic you would wish to avoid when entertaining guests at your property. Whether your hedge has suffered from over-confidence (or lack thereof!) our team has a tried and tested track record to confidently execute your hedge maintenance plan. We know where to make significant cuts to promote growth, and where a small amount of restraint can make a world of difference. Hire our confident and capable team to meticulously assess, plan and execute precise trimming techniques resulting in a lush, vibrant hedge that creates a positive first impression for your clients, visitors and customers. 

Hedge waste disposal 

After the careful pruning and shaping of your hedge to the desired look, most look forward to sitting back and admiring their handiwork. Very few relish the clean up job; sweeping up the off cuts, trimming down over sized branches, fighting to fit debris into bins, or organising disposal of at a garden waste facility. All of this adds a large amount of extra time (and effort) into hedge maintenance, and in the fast paced world of business - time is of the essence. Our commercial gardening service ensures swift and efficient hedge trimming, that includes waste disposal, leaving you with an immaculate and well maintained hedge. Hedge maintenance from start to finish!

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Invest in professional hedge maintenance - because first impressions matter.